Purchase an Office in Vienna

You are looking for a new location for your enterprise?

You would like to adapt your premises to the new company structure?
You need more space, as your company continues to expand?

No matter, if you want to purchase a small office or large representative business premises: we are always at your side – from the search for the right location, to the selection of the object and then the contract implementation.

The most important prerequisite for us to meet your expectations completely: an analysis of your demand and a comprehensive consultation.

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We'll take you to your new office in just three steps.

Steven Bill Scheffler - Team Leader Offices

New headquarter for your company, additional branch, relocation or start-up? You are looking for a new office and need assistance. There are many questions to be answered and we are pleased to provide support.

Thanks to our know-how and our experience in strategic real estate consultation we can provide support with regard to all these considerations and find a solution in only three steps:

Analysis of your demand: We perform a deeper analysis of location and object. Our consultation is based on a fundamental analysis as well as on many years of knowledge of the office market.

Search of the adequate object. We compile several possibilities and then evaluate for you which requirements suit you best.

Assistance from the first visit through to the contract implementation. We advise you with regards to economical and technical aspects. And we consider, beyond the conclusion of the contract – the project management and real estate management.

We analyse and consult

Before starting with the analysis as such, we would like to know some facts about you. Your wishes and demands are decisive for a planning strategy – just as important as the economical and legal framework.

We carry out a comprehensive analysis of requirements. For this purpose, we collect all important data of your new location:

  • What do you like at the current location? What would you like to change?

  • What is important for you at a location?

  • What has to be considered with regard to the development of the company?

  • What time limits are relevant?

Stay or move?
As soon as we have found an adequate location for a new office, the details of your new commercial spaces are worked out – room efficiency and floor plan, energy efficiency and efficiency of additional costs, room program and layout design, architectural and technical design.
We present your answers in a clearly structured form and compare your current office with potential alternatives. Therefore, you may make an objective decision whether to stay or move. Sometimes we come to the conclusion, that the current office – provided that some optimising actions are taken – is the better option than a relocation.

Stay at the best possible terms
Even if this is not our actual task, we are pleased to negotiate your existing lease anew – for satisfied customers are our highest priority.
We check, whether the existing terms are still of advantage for you and adapt the contract to a market conforming level. So, you as a lessee have a sound basis for a decision – and we have a valuable tool for a well-structured negotiation of the contract.
As soon as all these items are clarified and you have made the decision to move, we will start the search.

We search und evaluate

As soon as we know all your requirements exactly, we start our search. We offer extensive services:
First of all, we take a look into our database, while you might get inspired by our online real estate search. We also have information on current building projects in Vienna.

As soon as we have found several suitable objects, we compare them and create a ranking on the basis of our objective criteria and your individual requirements. We will discuss alternatives with you and we will provide assistance in your decision for a new location.

Assistance in the Relocation

The search for the right place was successful – and still we will continue to accompany you part of the way. We clarify contractual and legal questions, coordinate appointments, offer professional guidance and advice with regard to the contract implementation.

Here we have a close cooperation with experts of the different fields: notaries, lawyers, tax consultants and accountants. In addition, we recommend making use of a professional project management for your relocation. For it is clear: the larger a company, the more important the coordination by the project management. This is necessary to ensure that all procedures run smoothly even while you are moving.

Professional project management does not only comprise coordination for the relocation, but also change management, budgeting and cost analysis as well as planning of the interior design.

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I am pleased to offer you my advise.

Your specialist for offices:

Steven Bill Scheffler

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