Industrial- and Logistics Market Report

Industrial- and Logistics Market Report: Autumn 2021

A current survey by OTTO Immobilien. 

The Corona pandemic has provided an additional impetus for the shift from stationary trade towards e-commerce. The winners in this crisis, like for example online supermarkets, are increasingly seeking to force their way into the market and require corresponding logistics space. However, this strong demand for modern or generally available objects in the area of Vienna, so-called city-logistics, could hardly be met in recent times – consequently the net take-up clearly declined this year, as recent numbers show. 

Currently the stock of logistics and industrial objects in Vienna and its surroundings amounts to approximately 5.5 million sqm. In the first half of 2021, the net take-up amounted to approximately 47,000 sqm and was clearly below the level of the same period of 2020. However, for the second half of 2021 we expect a strong increase in the net take-up. In 2022 and 2023, a strong relaxation on the supply side is expected based on numerous completions. 

In our current Market Report for Logistics- and Industrial Premises our Research Department and our team of commercial real estate brokers, headed by Patrick Homm MA, has evaluated the status quo and the most important trends. On board again, the Vienna Research Forum (VRF), which has documented the complete stock of modern logistics, production and industrial space in Vienna and its surroundings. 

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The net rents for logistics and industrial premises move, depending on quality and location, within a large band width of between EUR 4.50 and 6.80 per sqm and month. Thus, according to our research, Vienna lies below the European average of EUR 7.30 per sqm and month, at the same level with Warsaw. We expect that the building of new and modern logistics centres will slightly raise the level of rents. 

The prices for properties designated for commercial use in Vienna continue to rise at annular intervals, and, depending on location and size, amount to between EUR 250 and 400 per sqm. Our experts believe that the increased demand for living space will further raise the prices, as many residential property developers currently buy properties designated for com-mercial use hoping for a reclassification into a land for future residential use. 

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