Industrial- and Logistics Market Report

Industrial- and Logistics Market Report: Autumn 2022

A current survey by OTTO Immobilien. 

Logistics and industrial premises are among the absolute winners of the Corona crisis, although with some restrictions: The high demand for modern or generally available objects could hardly be met in recent times – consequently the net take-up further declined. In this context also the subject of ESG plays an important role, as for investors, and increasingly also for potential tenants, building certifications are a pre-requisite for the purchase or rent.

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The net rents for logistics and industrial premises continued to rise in the wake of the difficult economic situation: in all submarkets we observed an increase of the entry-level prices for new buildings by 5.7 % on the average, by 5.6 % for maximum prices. The highest rents for new buildings are paid in the submarkets Vienna South and Vienna North; for example, the peak rent increased again by 10 % to currently EUR 7.50 per sqm in the submarket Vienna South. 

The prices for properties designated for commercial use in Vienna amount to between EUR 250 and 400 per sqm, depending on location and size, and in the Viennese environs the quoted prices are within the range from EUR 150 to 220 per sqm. 

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