Whistleblowing Report

Whistleblowing Report


Our values

"Integrity" is one of the most important values ​​of OTTO Immobilien. In order to live up to this value, it is essential for us that our employees and business partners bring any violations to our attention. We are grateful to our informants for their reports and want to encourage them, because transparency is a fundamental concern for us and unethical behavior has no place at OTTO Immobilien! By providing information about possible violations, misconduct can be recognized and addressed more quickly, and adverse situations can be responded to. The Hinweismanagement Service Portal thus serves to protect our companies as well as our employees and business partners. It ensures protection for informants and individuals in their circle from personal disadvantages and aims to prevent unfounded or unjustified suspicions.

Hinweismanagement Service Portal (Whistleblowing-System)

The Hinweismanagement Service Portal of OTTO Immobilien includes the following companies:

  • OTTO Immobilien GmbH

  • OTTO Immobilien Management GmbH

  • eugen GmbH

It is used for reporting violations according to § 3 HSchG.

The Hinweismanagement Service Portal was established in accordance with the “HinweisgeberInnenschutzgesetz” in Austria and is used for reporting true and honest reports of (potential) violations within companies. Reports can be submitted at any time in an uncomplicated, secure, confidential, and if desired, anonymous manner.

EVERY report is treated with the utmost care!


Protecting your personal data is of particular concern to OTTO Immobilien. We process your personal data exclusively on the basis of legal regulations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), the applicable “Datenschutzgesetz” ("DSG"), and the “Telekommunikationsgesetz” ("TKG").

For further information regarding data protection in connection with the Hinweismanagement Service Portal, please refer to the Privacy policy for the Hinweismanagement Service Portal.


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Note: In the field "Affected company” the (preselected) code AT-51277-01 should be entered, regardless of whether the report concerns OTTO Immobilien GmbH, OTTO Immobilien Management GmbH, or eugen GmbH.


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