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65 years of experience, more than 90 employees and our international network are our foundation. As an expert in the real estate industry, we support our clients in all areas of valuation.

Real Estate

We value any kind of real estates in Austria and internationally:

  • Private real estates

  • Logistics and industrial properties

  • Office buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Special real estate


The valuation expertise of OTTO is based on

  • extensive market experience

  • profound education and professional development

  • nationally and internationally recognized certifications

  • our in-house research team

  • our global network due to our exclusive partnership with Knight Frank


We have already supported many customers with property valuation in a wide variety of areas.



All the latest figures, information & developments on the Vienna real estate market. Scientifically sound analyses by our in-house research team.



Through the exclusive partnership with Knight Frank, one of the world's leading private and independent real estate consultants, we offer access to international expertise and real estate.



We offer our customers comprehensive advice and create:

  • valuation reports

  • determinations of market rent

  • portfolio valutations

  • market & profitabiliy analyses

  • feasibility studies for project developments

  • reportings

  • individual analyses

We value real estates when:

  • the current market value has to be determined, for example for the determination of assets, estate settlement etc.

  • a financing is needed,

  • a property should be bought or sold,

  • an appraisal is legally required e.g. due to tax reasons, according to the investment trust principles, for balancing according to international standards, in the matter of estates or for legal guardianship

  • a judicial expertise is needed



1010 Vienna, Schönlaterngasse 

  • Listed city house

  • Valuation report

1010 Vienna, Stephansplatz, Haas Haus

  • Mixed-use, hotel, restaurant & retail

  • Valuation report, regular reportings

1190 Vienna, Sieveringer Straße 

  • Villa

  • Valuation report

2345 Brunn am Gebirge, Industriestraße

  • Commercial property

  • Acquisition appraisal

1060 Vienna, Theobaldgasse

  • Historic viennese apartment building

  • Valuation report, determination of market rent and regular reportings

1090 Vienna, Glasergasse

  • Historic viennese apartment building

  • Valuation report

Portfolio of historic aparment buildings in Vienna

  • approx. 40 apartment buildings

  • Special analsys – determination of legal rents

4020 Linz, Turmstraße

  • Office building

  • Appraisal for tax purposes



Knight Frank

Rooted in Vienna, connected to the world.

Since 2011 OTTO Real Estate is exclusive partner of Knight Frank, one of the biggest private and independent real estate advisers of the world. Together we value real estates worldwide.

The OTTO Real Estate Valuation benefits from

  • the know-how transfer of qualified experts for all types of assets

  • current and precise market information collected by the reasearch teams worldwide

  • the access to the international customer database.

Knight Frank


The new generation

In 1980 Eugen Otto joined “OTTO Immobilien” which was founded in 1956 by his mother and took over the family business and is its sole proprietor and CEO since 1990. Since 1993 he has been a court certified valuer. At the same time he founded the valuation department within the company. 2021, almost 20 years later, Anna Geher took over the lead of the valuation department that comprises seven members.

Nicolas Brandenstein
Daniel Waldl, BSc
Mohamed Attia
Jasmin Knechtl
Mag. (FH) Sandra Bock,
MSc CIS ImmoZert
SV Anna Geher, Bsc
Allgemein beeidete und gerichtlich zertifizierte Sachverständige für Immobilien (Fach 94.04, 94.20, 94.70)
SV Mag. (FH) Sonja Ressler,
CIS ImmoZert, REV
Allgemein beeidete und gerichtlich zertifizierte Sachverständige für Immobilien (Fach 94.15, 94.17)
DI Nora Unterköfler
CIS ImmoZert




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Anna Geher , BSc CIS ImmoZert MRICS

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Market Reports

All the latest figures, information & developments on the Vienna real estate market. Scientifically sound analyses by our in-house research team.

Market Reports