First Vienna Zinshaus Market Report

First Vienna Zinshaus Market Report: Fall 2022

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While the whole economic environment increasingly exerts pressure on many asset classes in the real estate sector, the Viennese Zinshaus turns out to be a safe harbour once more. Thus, this year the number of purchases has increased by no less than 36 % as compared to the first half of 2021, as confirmed by our research work for our new Zinshaus Market Report.

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The number of Gründerzeit-Zinshaus-buildings – as defined by OTTO Immobilien – has further sunken: while in autumn of 2009 there were 15,529 in total, only 13,675 exist by the target date of 16.08.2022, which corresponds to a reduction in stock of 11.9 % since 2009. The main reason for this development is the establishment of home ownership, and another
reason, which leads to the reduction in stock, is the change of use, like the conversion into hotels. On the other hand, the demolition of Gründerzeit-Zinshaus-buildings is very rare, which speaks in favour of their high structural quality and excellent adaptability.

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