First Vienna Zinshaus Market Report

First Vienna Zinshaus Market Report: 2021

A comprehensive study on historic Viennese lease buildings.

Last year the Viennese Gründerzeit-Zinshaus buildings resisted all Corona-related restrictions and economic downturns and were “solid as a rock” on the domestic real estate market. Despite comparatively low yields the demand for Zinshaus buildings continued to be high based on their substantial stability of value and safety.

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In total, 507 transactions were made in Vienna according to our research, which means a slight decline in transactions by 2 % as compared to the same time period in 2019. The transaction volume, which shows a more significant decrease yet surpassed the one billion mark in 2020 according to our research for the current Zinshaus Market Report.

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Number of transactions by buyers

All sales contracts of 2020 that were available online as of February 2021 were divided by OTTO Immobilien into buyers and sellers and further into groups: private individuals, companies, and others. 

Last year, nearly 64 % of all purchases and 57 % of all sales were made by companies (-17 percentage points in purchases, +14 percentage points in sales). Private individuals increased their representation with around 35% in purchases and nearly 53 % in sales (+17 percentage points in purchases, -7 percentage points in sales). The rest of transactions are contributed to the group of ‚others‘.  

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