Highest quality of property management

Our services for house owners

The ownership of a house involves much work and effort. We know that, because the management of houses is one of our core competences. As house managers we focus on highest quality and reliability. In all fields of our work – get to know and appreciate our service:

• House owner accounting
We compare your revenues and expenditures monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, depending on your instructions. 

• Owner representation
We represent you vis-à-vis authorities and tenants, keep your documents, perform home inspections and deal with registration inquiries.

You will be fully informed about what is going on in your property, from faults in collectively owned facilities to required maintenance measures.

• Taxes
We calculate the monthly value added tax, the annual tax and create the required supplementary sheets.

 Utilities invoicing
We prepare the annual utilities invoicing and adjust the operating costs or optimise them by negotiations with contracting parties.

 Contract management
We prepare lease agreements on the basis of legal provisions, make adaptations for capital preservation and perform the continuous control of limited leases. We negotiate the contracts for services concerning the operating costs.

• Tenant support
We organise the hand-over of an apartment, manage deposits, deal with the necessary correspondence and process damage claims, perform home inspections and file an action for eviction – with regard to anything that this entails.

• Bookkeeping, payroll accounting, and dunning system
We pay the bills and prepare the monthly rents, we maintain employee records and perform payroll accounting, we check rent arrears and cooperate in this case with lawyers and debt-collection agencies.

• Property management
We visit the object twice a year and report any potential danger and show you options for improvement and instruct small repairs.

• Insurance management
We monitor the existing insurance protection and take care of the quick elimination of potential damage. We negotiate contract optimisation.

• Construction site management and refurbishment
We prepare a refurbishment concept, obtain cost estimates, talk with the specialists at the location and take the responsibility for invoice verification and warranties. This includes a professional management of defects.

• 24 hours service hotline
In case of emergency we accept your call outside the working hours and initiate the required measures immediately for your help.

Our experts will be glad to see your real estate and provide an offer for the house management.