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Houses and Villas Report: 2022

We present you the latest edition of our House and Villa Report - with a novelty. This time we have concentrated on Vienna's districts 17 - 19 and for the first time also covered the "Speckg├╝rtel" Klosterneuburg, more specifically Kierling, Klosterneuburg and Weidling. 

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Of course, you will again find guest articles interesting and worth a read in this issue of our Villa Report: For example, Prof. Hans Werner Scheidl takes you on a historical "walk" through the 19th century cottage.

The villa market showed a clear upturn again in 2021. In all the regions analyzed - with the exception of the 17th district - the transaction volume has increased significantly.

The numerous lockdowns have intensified the need for more green space or a larger home in the form of an home that can flexibly meet various needs such as home office, homeschooling or fitness. can be flexibly met. The search for affordable property is particularly strong, which has led to a significant increase in interest in houses in the Speckg├╝rtel of Vienna. 

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