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Selling an apartment building in Vienna

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There are currently some 15,000 Gründerzeit apartment buildings in Vienna. Do you or your company own one? Are you looking to rent out individual apartments in the building, sell your apartment building or get information about its value and the market?
Then you've come to just the right place: In addition to our basic passion for real estate, we have a special relationship to apartment buildings.

We appreciate and respect these special buildings, because they are an important – yet sadly shrinking – historical element of our city. At least to us they have a special value, as well as to many owners. This is why we have been concerning ourselves with what is termed "Viennese Gold" for many years. Thanks to our ongoing analyses, we know the portfolio, the market and the options well.

But each building is unique. We will be happy to prepare an individual assessment for you and to advise you on your options.

Analysis and consulting

We appreciate your building in the true sense of the word. In order to properly evaluate a building, the following question needs to be answered: What is your building like? Where is it located? What is its current condition and what potential does it have? Who is living in it? And what is the current environment for rent or sale? Our apartment building team provides in-depth analyses and advice with regard to all of these questions.

We view all the relevant documents, carry out inspections and talk to you as proprietor or representative of the proprietor. What are your goals? What framework conditions are you expecting? Can they be met in this form in the current market situation?

Once we have jointly determined the goals, we develop a coordinated marketing strategy for your building. In this manner, we address potential buyers as directly as possible and ensure the delivery of professional marketing. Internationally too, with the help of our globally operating partner Knight Frank.


We identify the relevant target groups and develop measures aligned with them in the appropriate communication channels – these can be adverts, on-site advertisement or the exclusive approach of potential buyers from our database. The experts in our marketing department ensure quick and smooth implementation.

We handle the entire rental or sales procedure for you – from the active acquisition of potential buyers to handling the respective business transaction. You can keep up-to-date on the progress of our activities by referring to our regular, structured reports.

And once the ideal buyer is found, we support you throughout the entire process: from the preparation of the purchase contract to the signing and the handover. And if necessary, we will be happy to recommend long-standing partners such as notaries, lawyers or tax consultants to assist you with the transaction.