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Buying an apartment building in Vienna

Zinshaus kaufen suchen Markler Beratung Verwaltung
Perhaps more than any other Central European city, Vienna has a wealth of historic buildings built between 1848 and 1914 in the "Gründerzeit" era. They continue to shape the cityscape: Structured facades, columns and enclosures on the outside, high-ceilinged rooms, winged doors and stucco ceilings on the inside. The Viennese Gründerzeit apartment building, or "Wiener Zinshaus", is a piece of living urban history.

We feel strongly dedicated to these buildings commonly referred to as "Viennese Gold" On the one hand, because we are deeply rooted in Vienna. On the other hand, because our headquarters are located in a Gründerzeit building in Vienna that has been owned by the Otto family for decades.
Or perhaps because we are aware that this traditional style of Viennese apartment building has been disappearing over the years. In any case, we wanted to take a closer investigative look at Viennese apartment buildings, therefore creating an in-depth analysis series with the first Viennese Apartment Building Market Report. You can browse through the most recent market developments, current prices and returns on investments and the most interesting parts of town here.

But aside from our research activity, there's one thing we want more than anything else: To help preserve the Gründerzeit apartment buildings in Vienna to the present day. That is why we broker them with a passion. Last year some 50,000 square metres of such apartment building space passed through our hands. Would you like to invest in the apartment sector, too? Or would you rather like to talk about what options you have of selling your apartment building?

We look forward to talking with you!

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