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Report of Villas

We are informing you in a very detailed research about the relevant stock of villas in the 18th and 19th district of Vienna.
The report provides you with interesting analyses about price developments, sales, offers, buyers, sellers and many more insights.

In addition to this important information, you can find a notable guest article about "Villa and Heritage Protection" by architect Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Manfred Wehdorn, an internationally recognized expert for heritage protection.

What would Vienna be without wine taverns? The journalist Prof. Hans Werner Scheidl looks back and talks about the emergence of wine taverns, playing an important part of the Viennese culture.

Current issue - Spring 2018


  • Definition of Villa and method
  • Stock Analysis
  • Transactions, prices and supply
  • Guest commentary
  • Outlook
  • The OTTO Immobilien Villa experts

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