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Rent and sale

Buero Vermieten Verkaufen Verwalten strukturierte Vorgangsweise Otto Immobilien
Do you or your company own a property that is being used as an office? Are you looking to sell it or rent it out to a new tenant or do you just want it managed by a professional property management company? Are you just developing a new project for a future office location? Whether it's a single office, an entire building or multiple office blocks: We understand offices and their marketing. That is why we know: Not all properties are the same, even in the office sector. What is your property like? Where is it located? What is the current environment for rent or sale? Our specialised unit advises you on market-conforming options and offers you an excellent overview of supply and demand. 

The right product at the right time for the right target group: That is the key to success. As a result, we concern ourselves intensely with your office property's "Best Use". Our structured approach allows us to jointly derive a market-appropriate strategy and to launch the appropriate marketing.

In the process, we will stay by your side to the final stage and beyond. Just trust in the approach of the "best real estate advisor in Austria" (Euromoney magazine, 2012) and contact our experts.

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