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FAQ/Interesting facts

  • Why should I engage a real estate agent for my property purchase?

    Read here why it makes sense to engage a "good" and experienced real estate agent.
    • A professional real estate agent is a regional specialist with extensive knowledge of the local market. He knows not only the current market prices and the advantages and disadvantages of the respective property. Only a real estate agent specialised in this area is also familiar with the market conforming elements of other contract components that are significant for tenancy processing and termination. This includes obligations relating to maintenance and the dismantling of any alterations made, the period of a waiver or of periods of notice, and also the scale of operating costs charged to the tenant.
    • Aside from an in-depth knowledge of the market, "a good real estate agent" also knows all about people. Because working with people and properties is our daily bread. Whether the people should match the property or the property should match the people is much disputed, but, from our point of view, that is not the key point. We want your new property to fulfil both the present and future requirements of your business and to create a suitable working atmosphere. That is what drives us.
    • If issues and ambiguities arise in the preliminary stages, the real estate agent will mediate between the parties.
    • We real estate agents also have properties to offer that we do not present publicly in the specialised media.
    • The real estate agent is subject to the obligation to exercise diligence, to provide information and support, to guard against "nasty surprises".
    • At your request, the real estate agent will enter the ring for you, to negotiate market-conforming terms on your behalf.
    • Are there particular special agreements or requests? We will take the negotiations in hand; as a point of honour.
  • Why should I engage OTTO Immobilien for my property search?

    The above points are our guiding principle.
    In addition, distinguished understatement is one of our practised virtues.
    But we live and love properties and we love working with you - our clients.
    And it shows – our clients say.
  • In what different ways can I engage a real estate agent?