10 Good Reasons to Cooperate with a Professional Real Estate Agent

A good and specialized broker …


has a perfect market survey and knowns the prices on the market. For this reason, our in-house research department collects all relevant data at regular intervals.



does not only know the market by heart, but also has an excellent feeling for people. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable in your new home – and that you are satisfied with our work. This is our motivation.


mediates between landlord and the future tenant, if there are any questions.


even finds a property for you that is not listed on any platform.


is bound, like any other broker, by the principles of due care, obligation to inform and obligation to support. This will avoid any later disappointments.


negotiates the price for you – we will also climb into the ring for our clients!


takes control of all negotiations.


takes care of all official red tape and enters the administrative jungle for you.


has good contacts as far as the financing of the new property is concerned.


charges no consultation fee. Commission is due in the case of a successful conclusion.

Make an appointment today – and learn why a corporation with OTTO pays off. Besides, we not only find real estate, we also are responsible for management and assessment. Because real estate is our passion.