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We know what makes an investment property a safe investment.

Sonja Kaspar - Head of OTTO Immobilien Boutique


Investment apartment, retirement home, investor apartment - three names with one meaning: The purchase of an apartment to let. The goal is for you, as an investor, to earn additional income through rental income and to increase your capital in the long term.

The Investment Flat - 8 Principles

  • Investment apartments are a safe precautionary option.

  • The new apartment is advantageous compared to an old building.

  • Location, size and floor plan are crucial for a successful rental and exactly in this order.

  • An investment property can not fully be financed externally for tax reasons.

  • Buyers of investment property pay a net purchase price, if they let the apartment for at least 20 years.

  • It is recommended for the landlord to conclude temporary leases.

  • The administrative burden for the landlord of an apartment is not to be underestimated. A property management helps.

  • OTTO Immobilien markets very well suitable investment flats like for example the TRIIIPLE, a Project close the Danube canal in the 3. district of Vienna. Or the fantastic Parkapartments at the Belvedere, the Project The Ambassy in the prestigious embassy district of the 3rd district and many more:

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