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Sensitivity and experience characterize us.

Bernhard Hofer - Head of Property Management

For decades the management of offices and commercial real estate is the main part of our core business. Currently we manage more than 200,000 square meters of commercial space -our success proves us right.

You are looking for a professional management of real estate

  • for your enterprise,

  • your operational facility,

  • your office building,

  • your shopping centre?

Our services are manifold – and for a good reason: our aim is to relieve your burden of administrative and organisational tasks and at the same time to increase the value of your property.

In our role as property manager we offer support in economic issues, in the technical field, in legal and tax matters, in the planning and consultation concerning investments.

Our expert team is looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your real estate – and to compile an individual and customised offer.

How we manage your office

We deal with the complete real estate management:

We perform the first inspection of the object, accept and check the object documentation and plans, inform your contractual partners about the change in administration and announce the new contact person. 

Rental contract 
We monitor the terms of the rental contracts, provide consultation at the occasion of new rental contracts and in the settlement of the contract terms. We take responsibility for data maintenance and the handover and takeover of leased offices and maintenance and administration of tenant files. 

Tenant services
We care for the correspondence with the tenants and answer queries, see that the house regulations are observed, and in the case of emergency we can be reached through our 24 hours hotline anytime. 

Contract administration 
We coordinate and process your maintenance and care-giving contracts and we deal with all the necessary correspondence. 

We prepare the monthly turnover tax advance return and the annual tax declaration. 

Communication with authorities 
We represent you, as the owner, vis-à-vis authorities and enforce your rights. 

Legal matter
We provide support in the case of action for eviction or rental claims and provide information for all other questions concerning legal matter. 

We represent you vis-à-vis insurance companies and in the case of damage we coordinate the settlement and optimise the existing insurance cover. 

Budget of the object
We provide support in the calculation of the annual budget and perform a target/actual comparison at regular intervals. 

Technical administration
We invite quotations, check and assess them, come to an agreement with the facility management, assign small repairs, test the services on a random basis, and take immediate measures in the case of potential danger. 

We create a monthly list of deposits and arrears of all tenants, report any major incidences and arrange meetings of the homeowners. 

We also manage residential properties and Viennese Zinshauses.

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Your specialist for the management of properties:

Bernhard Hofer

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