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How many condominiums are there currently available in Vienna’s Inner City? How much will an apartment in the Stubenviertel cost? You will find all the answers in the present 4th edition of our Condominium Report, which we – as the only real estate consultant – compile and present to our customers. In order to improve the comparability of prices and developments, our research team once again divided the first district into the historical four quarters, as they had existed for the inner city until 1850. Analogous to the former city gates, these are the Stubenviertel, K√§rntnerviertel, Schottenviertel and Burgviertel.

The data provided in our Condominium Report show the high demand: as of 31st July 2019, 51 apartments have already been sold in the first district, which is an increase of 16 % over the reference period and suggests that 2019 will be a strong year overall. The average price per sqm for first-occupancy condominiums in the first district has been EUR 14.672/m² in the last 12 months.

Vienna’s Inner City is not only a place of history, arts and culture and part of the UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage, but also the most exclusive district of Vienna with the highest priced condominiums in town. When appraising a property in this prime segment, it takes more than mere knowledge of its size. For the proper assessment of sqm-prices information on the exact location (quarter) of a building, type and condition, year of construction, the floor within the building, as well as the current overall market situation is required. All this information is stored in our data base and made available to you – at our office amidst the first district.

Condominium Report


The market report deals with data and facts about the 1st district and deals with the following topics:

  • The condominium market in the city centre

  • Stock

  • Transactions, price and buyers

  • Price trends of first-occupancy

  • Pipeline

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