Condominium Report

Condominium Report: Fall 2022

A comprehensive analysis of all condominiums in Vienna's First District. 

How many condominiums are currently available in the First District of Vienna? What is their average size, what is the current price, and who are the buyers? These and other questions will be answered in the latest edition of our Condominium Report, which we are pleased to provide for our customers – by the way as the only property consultant.

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We are pleased to provide the already 6th edition of our Condominium Report regarding the first district of Vienna. Our Research Department recently evaluated the entire stock as well as price trends for new and existing condominiums– individually for each historic quarter in the district.

This proved – once more – that: the Inner City is by far the most expensive location in Vienna. With EUR 10,800/sqm the prices for existing appartements exceeded the magic number of EUR 10,000 per sqm in 2021 for the very first time. According to our research the sparse availability of new condominiums for first occupancy led to average prices of
EUR 13,600/sqm. Due to their rarity the prices for condominiums for first occupancy in the upper price segment are significantly more volatile in comparison.

EUR 296 million of recorded sales claimed 2021 to be a high-selling year, which, despite the ongoing constrictions due to the pandemic, was able to tie in with the successful year of 2019.

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