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Investing in Vienna - the best idea!

Christoph Lukaschek - Head of Investment

As experts in the Viennese investment market, we are one of the most established and leading real estate consultants in Austria after more than two decades of experience, personal commitment and an outstanding national and international network. The cooperation with our international partner Knight Frank, the world's largest real estate broker and consultant, contributes significantly to the expansion of our international network.


Our services range from location analysis and portfolio analysis, data collection, object selection to the assessment of real estate. Of course, we are also involved in the organisation and negotiation of contracts until the successful implementation.

We offer customized professional guidance for transactions in the following fields:

  • office real estate

  • retail real estate

  • logistic objects

  • hotels

  • residential buildings

  • special real estate

Investmentmarket Austria

The Viennese office market is one of the most stable in Europe. The good economic situation of the city, as well as the high degree of security and social stability provide for a strong international demand for investments in Austria.

Vienna is a hotspot for a stable, secure and attractive investment in real estate.

Based on the sound economic situation and the social stability as well as the infrastructure and affordability, Vienna is always placed at the top in city rankings. The geographic location as well favours the role of Vienna as an important economic centre. As a result of these factors, population growth is characterized by strong immigration growth - by 2030 the population will grow by 11% and exceed the 2 million mark.

In order to support marketing processes and to recognize market trends at an early stage, we have had an in-house research team since the mid-1990s, which monitors the market developments in the real estate sector in a structured and ongoing manner.

The information is regularly published in our Market Reports.

Track Record

Our success proves us right: our clients have invested approximately EURO 740 million in real estate in the past three years. We deal in detail with the potential but also with the risks of objects in order to be able to give you a sound and comprehensive recommendation. With our professional approach, we build long-term, trusting relationships. We clearly place the needs of our customers at the center of our activity.

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Dkfm. Christoph Lukaschek , MBA, MRICS

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