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Beautiful-"Old Style Apartment"

Main specifics:
  • Property no.: 10/1002
  • Floor space: app. 187 sq. m.
  • Rooms: 4.5
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Toilettes: 2
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Year built: ca. 1908
  • Floor: 1
  • Condition: Good
  • Heating: Gasetagenheizung
  • Heating requirement: 128.5
  • Obtainable as of: immediately

  • Total rent: € 2,526.61
  • Net rent: € 1,954.58
  • VAT on rent: € 229.69
  • Operating costs: € 376.57
  • Commission: 1 gross monthly rent plus 20% VAT

  • Zip code: 1090
  • City: Vienna

Beautiful - "Old Style Apartment" next to the Lycee Francaise

behind Währingerstrasse, in a small side street, lies this beautiful Art- Deco house. Währingerstrasse offers a good connection to public transport, as well as good infrastructure. Parking is easy to foind on the streets around the building.

the flat exists of 187m², that devide themselfes as fallows:
Entree, smalll balcony,3 big rooms, 1 smaller bedroom, big live in kitchen, behind that a very smalll room, small shower bath, another bath with a tub,seperate WC;

parquet floors, double wing doors, furnished kitchen, Gas-etage-heating;

start of rental contract: immediatly

contract length: 10 years; with a possibility to extend the contract

Space heating demand: 128,54 kWh/m²a