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Wohnung Bewerten Maklereinschaetzungen Analysen Otto Immobilien

Would you like to sell your apartment? Have you inherited a house or property and do you want to find out more about its market value? Do you need to have your real estate valued for a balance sheet or for tax purposes? Do you need reliable support for a decision you need to take? The specific value of a property in the market can only be determined on the basis of a combination of experience, market proximity, qualification and expertise.

You will find all of this in OTTO's experts: Thanks to our networked view of all the real-estate-related activities (rental, sale, property management) and our intensive research-based approach we are able to provide you with sound and substantiated expert reports, assessments and analyses. We perform valuations in accordance with national and international valuation standards, customised to the respective property.

Dr. Eugen Otto is a sworn and court-certified expert for real estate. The highly committed team of experts at OTTO Immobilien GmbH has many years of experience, excellent qualifications and the relevant certification. Reliability and expertise is what we promise our clients. In many case, we work for property owners in the third generation.

Our services in a nutshell:

We value property

We offer you
  • valuations and appraisals for all sorts of purposes in accordance with the
    • Real Estate Valuation Act (LBG) in Austria,
    • Mortgage Lending Value Determination Regulation (BewlWertV) in Deutschland,
    • international valuation standards (IVS) (RICS – "Red Book") as well as
    • European valuation standards (TEGoVA – "Blue Book")
  • Summary evaluations (real estate agent estimates)
  • Rentable value reports and valuation of tenancy rights
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Profitability analyses
  • Realisation advice
  • Project advice
  • Specific bespoke analyses
  • Owing to our exclusive partnership with Knight Frank, the world's largest privately owned real estate agent and advisor headquartered in London, we have access to the specific and up-to-date market data and analyses of a global network of real estate experts. The close contact we enjoy with Knight Frank's regionally and nationally active valuation departments allows us to offer and perform valuations of international real estate portfolios as well.

these types of properties

  • Residential properties
    • Apartment buildings
    • Apartment buildings (multifamily residentials)
    • Villas, single-family homes, two-family dwellings and terraced houses
    • Freehold apartments
    • Leasehold apartments
  • Commercial real estate
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Industrial properties
  • Special real estate

for the following purposes

  • Purchase or sale considerations
  • Second valuations
  • Valuation of tenancy rights and rentable value reports
  • Expert reports required by the law, e.g.
    • tax reasons (depreciation)
    • to comply with the Austrian Investment Fund Act
    • preparation of balance sheets in accordance with international standards (IFRS)
    • in probate proceedings
    • in the event of receivership

for our clients

  • Retail clients
  • Institutional investors
  • Real estate funds
  • Banks
  • Insurers
  • Courts

If you want us to work for you, too, please contact our team of experts: