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Rent and sale

Do you want to put your property up for sale? Or are you looking for a new tenant? Be it a single family home, an apartment, a piece of land or an entire apartment building, be it a large residence or a small home, an inheritance or a secondary residence: you and your property are in good hands with us.
Because aside from our passion for real estate, we are passionate about working with people. Listening, providing good advice and all-round guidance are our first concern. As a consequence, we bring together the right properties and the right people quickly and easily. To make sure you feel at home.
This succeeds with the right blend of three simple ingredients: advising, marketing, brokering. With the highest standards of quality for more than half a century. In the past three years alone, we facilitated transfer of more than 211,000 sq. m. of residential property (incl. apartment buildings).

Can we get you excited about our recipe for success, too?