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FAQ/Interesting facts

  • Why should I engage a real estate agent for my property purchase?

    "All real estate agents do is unlock the door and why would I pay for that?"
    We are of course familiar with this and other prejudices about our profession. Granted, like in any other profession, there may be those among us real estate agents who do not take professional ethics too seriously.
    Read this – by no means exhaustive – list of 10 top reasons why it makes sense to engage a "good" and seasoned real estate agent.
    • A seasoned real estate agent has excellent knowledge of the local market, is familiar with current market prices and the advantages and disadvantages of the respective property, which he or she also clearly communicates. Of course, this also includes accurate knowledge of all ancillary costs. 
    • But aside from having in-depth knowledge of the market, "a good real estate agent" also knows all about people. Because working with people and properties is our daily bread. Whether the people should match the property or the property should match the people is much disputed, but is, from our point of view, not at all the issue. We want you to be happy with your new home and happy with our work as a result. That is what drives us. 
    • If issues and ambiguities arise in the preliminary stages, the real estate agent will mediate between the two parties
    • We real estate agents may also have properties in our portfolio that we do not present publicly in the specialised media. 
    • The real estate agent is subject to the obligation to exercise diligence, to provide information and support, so as to guard against "nasty surprises". 
    • At your request, the real estate agent will "enter the ring" for you, to negotiate the price on your behalf.
      (While we cannot guarantee success, as a result of long-standing cooperation, the prospects are generally more favourable than if you were to conduct the negotiations yourself.) 
    • Are there particular special agreements or requests? We will take the negotiations in hand; as a point of honour. 
    • Forms and formalities? We've got it covered and we'll take care of everything for you. 
    • Are you not yet clear about financing arrangements? We do not grant loans, but we can certainly make a good recommendation and provide you with a contact.

    • Apropos of financing: The commission isn't due until the deal is completed. This means there are no consultation fees whatsoever. And you'll see: Once you are entirely happy with your new property, you will not give the commission another thought.