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Investment offices

Buero Investieren Beratung Unterstuetzung Analysen Otto Immobilien
For around two decades, we have been advising institutional investors, such as funds and foundations from Austria and abroad, wanting to invest in property at a larger scale.

Whether you wish to buy or sell, we can offer you a wide range of services regarding office and commercial properties, retail, hotels, logistics and special real estate. Our excellent national network has been upgraded to an international alliance thanks to our cooperation with Knight Frank, the world's largest privately owned real estate agent and advisor.

Our specialised research team keeps a constant eye on the market, analysing it in terms of transactions, rentals and new projects. We follow trends and key parameters such as rental and purchase price developments as well as vacancy rates. We are happy to make our know-how available to you in our regularly published market reports on offices, retail, logistics and apartment buildings.

Trust in our experience: We advise you individually and prepare in-depth analyses or support you in designing and marketing your projects.

And if you wish to invest: We know where to find the most interesting investment properties, including office buildings, hotels, shopping centres or industrial properties.

Our investment portfolio in detail

  • Property search and advice
    We help you to find the investment property that best matches your requirements and put it through a real estate analysis.
  • Assistance in the development of data rooms
    We organise electronic and physical data rooms, prepare documents and ensure their plausibility.
  • Guidance in due diligence processes
    We create greatest possible transparency and coordinate communication between the participants.
  • Marketing assessments and location analyses
    We provide you with initial feedback on your property's current market value. When we do so, we are also happy to present you with information on the supply and demand of macro- and micro-locations as well as competitor properties.
  • Portfolio analysis and assessments
    We sift through all the documentation and provide you with a general overview of your portfolio and its potential.
  • Investor search
    We use your contacts, existing relationships and networks for the benefit of your real estate.
  • Supporting sales processes
    We support you in your purchase and sale of properties from the first step to completion, whether individual properties or property portfolios.
  • Organisation and implementation of structured bidding procedures
    We create tailored procedures with carefully prepared time schedules in order to achieve the best price for your property.

Lots of institutional clients place their trust in us. Can we advise you, too? Contact us, we look forward to your inquiry.


  Nordbahnstraße Office Building
1020 Wien, Nordbahnstraße 50
Built in: 1872/2008
Floor space: approx. 15.750 sq m

OTTO`s role: advice & purchase
  Dresdner Straße Office Building
1200 Wien, Dresdner Straße 82
Built in: 2002
Floor space: approx. 4.700 sq m

OTTO`s role:
sale, management, rental
  TownTown CB05 Office Building
1030 Wien, Thomas Klestil-Platz 1
Built in: 2008
Floor space: approx. 5.700 sq m

OTTO`s role: advice & purchase
  Office Buildung, Business Premises and Apartment Building
Kärntner Straße

1010 Wien, Kärntner Straße 5
Built in: 1883/84
Floor space: approx. 2.500 sq m

OTTO`s role: advice & sale
  TownTown CB08 & CB10 Office Buildings
1030 Wien, Erdbergstraße 131 &
Schnirchgasse 10
Built in: 2011
Floor space: approx. 13.100 sq m

OTTO`s role: advice & sale
  Wipplinger Straße Office Building
1010 Wien, Wipplinger Straße 33
Built in: 2009
Floor space: approx. 10.400 sq m

OTTO`s role: advice & sale
  Postsparkasse Office Building
1010 Wien, Georg Coch-Platz 2
Built in: 1906
Floor space: approx. 39.600 sq m

OTTO`s role: advice & sale
  BAWAG Reals Estate Portfolio
15 office building, residential premises and apartment buildings in Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz
Floor space: approx. 140.000 sq m

OTTO`s role: advice & sale
  "Green Park Center" Office Building
1100 Wien, Computerstraße 6
Built in: 1979/1980
Floor space: approx. 13.300 sq m

OTTO`s role:
sale, management, rental
  "Der Adler und die Ameise"
Office Building and Business Premises

1030 Wien, Guglgasse 7-9
Built in: 2000/2001
Floor space: approx. 21.000 sq m

OTTO`s role:
sale, management, rental
  "Optimum" Office Building and Business Premises
1200 Wien, Dresdner Straße 85
Built in: 1999/2000
Floor space: approx. 16.500 sq m

OTTO`s role:
sale, management, rental
  "BigBiz" Office Building and Business Premises
1200 Wien, Dresdner Straße 87-105
Built in: 2004
Floor space: approx. 50.000 sq m

OTTO`s role:
sale, management, rental
  "Gudrunstraße" Office Building
1100 Wien, Gudrunstraße 179
Built in: 1991/1992
Floor space: approx. 7.650 sq m

OTTO`s role:
sale, management, rental