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Condominium Report

We are very happy and proud to present you our Condominium Report.

It provides you with all the key facts and figures on the apartment for sale market in Vienna's first district.
More than a year ago, we began to analyse the specific apartment for sale market in accordance with scientific criteria and to make it transparent and coherent for you. Now we can present you with accurate information on the portfolio of available apartments, actual per square metre prices, all transactions made in the past 8 years, prices for individual floors in buildings or ownership structures and much more.
All these are important decision-making tools for the evaluation, the sale or the purchase of an apartment in the city centre.
Vienna's city centre is steeped in history. But not only that: To more than 100,000 people it is also a workplace or a home. It is of breathtaking beauty and part of the UNESCO world heritage. Above all, however, the city centre is the most upmarket part of Vienna. Of course evaluating a property in this top segment takes more than just knowing the size of the living area. The detailed establishment of per square metre prices requires information on the building's specific location, data on the building's nature and condition, year of construction and all the current market conditions. All this information is stored in our database and available to you and your project.
With this Condominium Report, we hope to give you just a little glimpse into this field. Into your options. Into the development of apartments for sale and actual per square metre prices in the first district. Naturally, our experts have much more detailed information to offer you. At our office. At the heart of the first district.
Do you have additional questions related to your specific apartment or your apartment project? We are available for a consultation anytime. 

Dr. Eugen Otto MRICS

You can order the current issue of our Condominium Report HERE.

Current issue - Autumn 2017


  • Condominium market
  • Condominium stock
  • Transactions
  • Price Trends
  • Buyer origin
  • Guest commentary
  • Historic quarters of the first district in detail
  • 1010 at a glance

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